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World-renowned professors of Ewha Humanities & Social Sciences present "Special Lecture Series of Innovation Ewha"

Ewha will host the special lecture series of "Innovation Ewha" to the public from April to August, which will allow Ewha’s world-renowned scholars to introduce their major fields and respective contributions. In continuation of last semester’s lectures in Natural Sciences & Engineering field, the current semester's lectures will be given by top-notch Humanities & Social Science professors of Ewha.

The six distinguished professors who will meet and communicate with the public through these lecture series include: Professor ChulGyun Lyou who is "a pioneer of digital storytelling" (lecture given on April 1st), Professor Joon-Sik Choi, "a prominent authority of Korea studies"(April 8th), Professor JaeSeo Jung, "a great master of mythology"(May 6th), Professor Youngmok Jung, "the number one translator of Korea"(May 20th), Professor DaeSeok Choi, "a key architect of trust-building process on the Korean Peninsular"(June 3rd), and Professor Pilwha Chang, "the first women studies scholar"(August 5th).

Ewha's Website, Facebook page, and Youtube channel ( has been releasing the special lecture series of "Innovation Ewha" which conveys the motto of "Academy Talks About the Future" by sharing the knowledge assets of Ewha and leading innovations in college education.