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Research Results

Value Index for 2014 Ewha Womans Universities

Ewha Womans University, with new innovations and continuous efforts, firmly established its place as one of the best universities by national/international evaluators. Ewha has consistently shown its excellence in education and quality of research, and has ranked highly in various quantitative measurements.

‘Leiden Ranking 2014’; ranked 1st among Korean universities
For two consecutive years, Ewha ranked 1st among Korean universities in the ‘Leiden Ranking 2014,’ which evaluates the quality of internationally published papers of 750 universities worldwide.

‘THE 2014~2015’; ranked 5th among Korean universities
Ewha ranked 5th among Korean universities in ‘The Times Higher Education 2014~2015’ based on 13 performance indicators including teaching, research, citations, industry income and international outlook. Ewha got the 2nd highest score in citations criteria which accounts for 30 % of the overall score.

Ewha Law School came out on top in Korea
Ewha Law School came out on top out of 25 law schools in Korea. Having ranked number one for two consecutive years, Ewha Law School solidifies its status as a leading law school through its never ending mission and its superior efforts to foster the talent of women.

NCSI 2014; ranked 5th among Korean Private Universities
Ewha ranked 5th in the 2014 NCSI (National Customer Satisfaction Index) conducted by the Korea Productivity Center. NCSI evaluates Korean universities based on student’s satisfaction in terms of various factors such as faculty, curriculum, school facilities, academic support and career services.

In addition, Ewha ranked 5th in the Bar Examination and the Public Administration Examination among private universities. Ewha also ranked 6th in the Patent Attorney Examination.

Finally Ewha recorded the highest number of members of the 19th National Assembly this year with 14 members in its history. Ewha had 10 members in 18th, 12 members in 17th and 5 members in 16th. Ewha ranked 5th in numbers among universities of Korea followed by Seoul national university, Korea university, Yonsei university, and Sungkyunkwan university this year.