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Ewha is Ranked Among the Top 3 in University Research Assessment

Ewha is Ranked Among the Top 3 in University Research Assessment
- Integrated research assessment results are announced by Korea Research Foundation

Korea Research Foundation recently announced the result of qualitative assessment of research papers posted in Science Citation Index by Korean universities. Ewha was ranked 3rd with 5.21 after Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (7.10) and slightly behind Yonsei University (5.28). Seoul National University was ranked 4th with 3.88, and Pohang University of Science and Technology came in 5th with 3.74.

In particular, Ewha was ranked 1st with 5.91 in direct citation counts which show the direct impact of the paper in its field followed by Yonsei (5.54) and KAIST (5.43).
Also, in the impact factor which reveals a journal’s relative importance to the others in its field, Ewha scored 2.62 and was rated as one of the top three universities together with KAIST (3.28) and SNU (2.64).

“The latest university evaluation results reflect qualitative factors whereas only quantitative factors such as research funding was considered in the past, and it means that this ranking is a more accurate assessment of the research quality of Korean universities,” said the Dean of Research Affairs Jun-Mo Chung. “Ewha’s high impact factor score means that our research results have been published in highly regarded journals, and our direct citation counts imply that each paper was highly recognized in its field.“

The assessment was conducted based on a new “integrated research assessment model” developed by Korea Research Foundation to evaluate the quality of paper for different research funding classes, and it was applied to assess the research results in each initiative, project type, and college. The Foundation said that it will continue to focus on the qualitative aspects of research to promote national-level research support project more efficiently.