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Ewha held “The 6th Yoon Hoo-Jung Unification Forum”

Ewha held “The 6th Yoon Hoo-Jung Unification Forum”


Ewha Institute of Unification Studies held the sixth Yoon Hoo-Jung Unification Forum at the Lee Sam-bong Hall of the ECC building on October 25, 2019. An open venue to discuss the unification of Korea, Yoon Hoo-Jung Unification Forum was initiated when Yoon Hoo-Jung, Korea’s first female constitutional scholar and the tenth Ewha President who became President Emerita, donated 1.5 billion won in 2013 with a firm conviction that the most urgent need in Korean society is overcoming the division on the peninsula.


Unification Forum


Incumbent Ewha President Kim Heisook said in a welcoming speech that reunification of North and South Korea may not seem all that positive now, but neither should we lose hope nor helplessly wait for it to come to us, emphasizing the meaning of the forum which was participated in by experts in North-South relations and international affairs.


This year’s forum, under the theme, “The Unification of the Korean Peninsula: From the Perspective of the World” unfolded in-dept discussions on the various issues around the unification and the four powerful nations with stakes in the issue. The eighth Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon gave a keynote speech regarding “the peace on the Korean Peninsula and the reunification of the two Koreas in the era of G2”. The former UN head who had led effort during the first North Korean nuclear crisis in 1994 and served as a foreign minister of Korea talked about inter-Korean policies and the big powers involving the bilateral relations based on his vast experience and expertise. In the following discussion, a number of experts in different fields participated in the multi-faceted and professional dialogues comprising diverse topics such as the economic requisites of reunification, a dilemma as to whether to impose sanctions against North Korea or cooperate in development, views of the major powers on unification and measures to motivate their action, and the role of international organizations for the peace on the peninsula.


Unification Forum


Ewha Woman’s University has prepared for reunification and laid academic foundation with the purpose of fostering female scholars and experts in North Korean affairs, by introducing an interdisciplinary program in North Korean Studies in 1998 and opening a joint major program in North Korean Studies in the undergraduate course in 2000, and subsequently promoting the interdisciplinary program into a major in 2013.