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Ewha and the U.S. Embassy Co-hosted a Roundtable Celebrating Earth Day

1Ewha Womans University and the U.S. Embassy in Korea jointly held a roundtable in celebration of Earth Day (April 22) under the theme of “The Challenge of Air Quality: A Republic of Korea Perspective,” at LG Convention Hall on Tuesday, April 24, 2018.
About 150 distinguished guests and Ewha students attended this event, where experts from universities, government agencies, industries, and civic organizations were gathered together to discuss how to control domestic air pollutants that are increasingly serious and how to save the situation, while giving presentations and participating in the panel discussion. Angela Kerwin, the Acting DCM of the U.S. Embassy said in her welcoming remarks, “Currently, not just the United States, but the entire world is highly concerned about air quality. Today, I’m very excited to hear about many good ideas and solutions from Korean experts.”

In the presentation session, the first presentation “International Air Quality Trends” suggested that to improve the air quality of Northeast Asia, the countries in the region should conduct joint research and establish relevant policies in cooperation. In the next presentation “ROK National Air Quality Measures, Research, and International Cooperation,” it was mentioned that particle pollution in Korea was due to not only inflow of air pollutants from other countries but the particulate matter locally generated. The last presentation “Seoul City Air Quality Measures” explained in detail the air quality improvement policy that is being implemented by the Seoul Metropolitan Government.

In the following session, a panel discussion was held on the subject of “The Future of Korea’s Air Quality Policy,” with the representatives from the Ministry of Environment, the National Institute for Environment Research, GS Caltex Corp., Korea Federation for Environmental Movement, and World Wildlife Fund Korea, and our experts in environmental engineering. Through comments and Q&A time, they had an extensive discussion about some sub topics including how seriously the Korean people take the air pollution issue and what efforts industries are making to improve air quality.