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Ewha Holds the 13th EGEP

Ewha Womans University held the 13th Ewha Global Empowerment Program (EGEP), an educational program for female activists from Asian and African countries engaging in non-governmental and public sectors, for two weeks from January 7 to 21.

Ewha Womans University, a cradle for female education in Korea for 132 years, established the EGEP, a leadership education program designed to nurture female activists from Asian and African countries, integrating theories of women’s studies, field experiences and human networking. Since 2012 when the program was established, it has produced 255 people with diploma from 45 countries, and the 13th EGEP was attended by 19 activists selected from 5 African countries and 10 Asian countries.

Under the theme of “Transnational Feminist Movement: Female Body, Sexuality, and Violence,” the 13th EGEP focused on shedding new light on gender violence from the perspective of human rights. The EGEP participants are professional female activists with five or more years of experiences in relevant fields who have confronted with gender violence and made new changes in Asian and African countries. These female activists and scholars talked about gender violence from a human rights’ point of view.

The participants not only attended a wide range of educational programs such as lectures including international forums, workshops and action plans, but also joined activities of solidarity such as participation in the weekly protest rally held every Wednesday to address the issue of Korean comfort women for the Japanese army, and made a visit to the Korean women's NGO.

In addition to the EGEP, Ewha Womans University is practicing education sharing for women around the world through its Ewha Global Partnership Program (EGPP) aimed at supporting full scholarships and living expenses for women from the developing countries, and the Ewha-KOICA Master’s Program designed for female civil servants from the third world.