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2017 Christmas Worship Service for Ewha Family

Ewha held the 2017 Christmas Worship Service for Ewha Family on Thursday, December 7, 2017. The Christmas Worship Service for Ewha Family is a church service where Ewha students, faculty members, retired faculty members and alumni gather together for Christmas and celebrate it in advance. This service has been going on since 1996, on the first Thursday of December every year.


Under the theme of “Waiting”, Rev. Chang Yun-jae preached on the coming of Jesus as the embodiment of justice and on our expectation of His coming with faith believing that God’s promises would be fulfilled. He also said that the difference between living in hope and in despair lies in the capability of whether we can wait or not.

Following the sermon, President Kim Hei-sook expressed her gratitude to the guests who participated in the service in her Christmas greetings, saying, “Today is a day of experiencing Ewha as a community of faith.” She continued, “If we think of Jesus, who was crucified by the betrayal of the most beloved, we will be able to have the strength to stand up even in most difficult times of our lives.” She also blessed the attendees, saying, “May Jesus’ love and grace will be with every one of you who are celebrating the end of 2017 and welcoming the year of 2018.”