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Ewha Holds Special Lectures on Various Issues by Inviting Globally Renowned Scholars

Ewha Womans University invited globally renowned scholars to hold special lectures on various issues. These lectures were designed to promote Ewha students’ academic pursuits and enhance their research competence.

First of all, the Communication & Media Research Center of the Division of Communication and Media held “Research Morning Talk” on October 20, with Prof. Katherine A. McComas of Cornell University, who is a world renowned scholar in crisis communication. With the title, “Responses of the general public to artificial and natural earthquakes and crisis communication,” the special lecture was attended by professors and about 40 students in master’s and doctoral courses as well as those from other universities. During the lecture, Prof. McComas discussed the importance of crisis communication in a wide range of environmental disasters in various aspects.

On October 24, Olivier Adam, Executive Coordinator of the United Nations Volunteers (UNV), gave a special lecture to Ewha students who want to work at international organizations. This lecture provided those interested in global volunteer work with useful information, which included the overview of UNV; details of the UN Youth Volunteers and Specialist Volunteers and how to apply for them; and career prospects.

Meanwhile, the Graduate School of Translation and Interpretation (GSTI) held a special lecture on October 30, given by Jane Williamson, Protection Officer of UNHCR Korea. In this lecture, titled “Strangers in a Strange Land: The Refugee Experience in Korea and Around the World,” Jane Williamson gave details of the plight of refugees around the world and explained the activities and role of UNHCR. This lecture was simultaneously interpreted by GSTI students majoring in interpretation and the officer shared with the audience her experiences of serving in many countries including Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, and Sudan.