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Nirmala Rao, Vice Chancellor of the Asian University for Women, Visits Ewha

Nirmala Rao, Vice Chancellor of Bangladesh’s Asian University for Women, visited Ewha Womans University on October 18 to meet Ewha’s President Kim Hei-sook. Nirmala Rao was appointed as new Vice Chancellor of the AUW in February 2017.

The Asian University for Women was founded in 2008 with aims to give opportunities for learning to women of Asian countries who have suffered from wars, famine and discrimination and help them change and develop their society. The AUW, an international university where all courses are taught in English, has about 700 students of poor family from 15 Asian countries, seeking to educate its students to become a new generation of female leaders. Every year, over 100 new students enroll in the university.

Ewha and the AUW uphold the common ideology of female leader education. Based on the deep bond, the two universities have continued to maintain cooperative relations. In a meeting attended by Vice Chancellor Rao, President Kim and other officials at Ewha, the two universities discussed possibilities and detailed ways for cooperation in various fields such as establishing the Department of Korean Language and operating related learning programs; developing exchange programs for Women’s Studies and female leadership; seeking ways to cooperate in the form of local internship and volunteering; and promoting professor and student exchanges. During the discussion, Vice Chancellor Rao stressed that Ewha Womans University is a role model for the Asian University for Women, saying that the present of Ewha will be the future of the AUW.

The AUW’s undergraduate curriculum consists of 15 majors and minors including Environmental Sciences, Public Health Studies, Computer Sciences, Asian Studies and Women’s Studies. The university is planning to provide graduate courses in the coming year. Cherie Blair, lawyer, founder of the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, and wife of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, serves as Chancellor of the AUW, and it boasts many prominent patrons such as former Chief Secretary of Hong Kong Anson Chan, former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Hillary Clinton, and former First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama. In addition, the university offers higher education programs to women working at textile factories with the support of multinational companies including IKEA and Uniqlo.

Ewha Womans University signed a memorandum of understanding with the Asian University for Women in 2013. Under the agreement, Ewha has awarded a full scholarship named the Ewha Global Partnership Program (EGPP) to the AUW-recommended students.