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Ewha Invites Executive Director of Greenpeace International to Hold Special Lecture and Signs MOU with Greenpeace International

Ewha invited Jennifer Lee Morgan (51), the executive director of the international environmental organization, Greenpeace on Wednesday, July 12, 2017 and conducted the first “Dialogue with Ewha Global Leader.”
Before this event, Ewha entered into a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for bilateral exchange and cooperation with Greenpeace International at 2:30 pm. The two organizations will promote mutual exchange and friendship through internship opportunities for Ewha students, exchanges of volunteers and experts, joint implementation of volunteer programs related to domestic and international issues, and collaborative research activities.

In the lecture which began from 3:30 pm at the ECC Theater, Jennifer Morgan delivered a message on the people power, which is the driving force and identity of the Greenpeace environmental protection campaign, under the theme of "Positive Change Through Direct Action: How People Power Wins."

This lecture was followed by Q&A and free speech sessions, which were hosted by Choi Won-Mog, Dean of Global Affairs. In these sessions, participants freely talked about the denuclearization policy, reasons for the victory for people power and the power of women in solving environmental problems.