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Ewha Holds the 12th EGEP

Ewha Womans University holds the 12th Ewha Global Empowerment Program (EGEP), an education program designed to improve capabilities of female NGO leaders from Asian and African countries, between July 9 and 23.

Ewha Womans University established the two-week, short-term education program in 2012 with the aim to nurture next-generation female NGO leaders around the world and increase their capabilities. The 12th EGEP is attended by 22 activists selected from 20 countries. The participants from African and Asian countries are working for non-governmental, international and media organizations to improve the human rights of oppressed women confronted with discrimination and violence with regard to sexual violence, human trafficking, health and education rights for women, and migration.

The EGEP participants will attend a wide range of educational programs such as lectures including an open lecture seminar, workshops, and action plans, and make visits to Korean female NGO leaders.

Apart from EGEP, Ewha Womans University is making efforts for education sharing for global women through its Global Triangle System including the Ewha Global Partnership Program (EGPP) aimed at supporting full scholarships and living expenses for women from the developing countries and the Ewha-KOICA Master’s Program designed for female civil servants from the third world.