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Ewha Declares War against Malicious Comments

As part of the New Year’s resolutions for 2017, Ewha Womans University has declared war on its haters’ vicious postings by deciding to take strong legal actions against hateful comments, false slanders, and sexual insults on the school, its students and members and opening an online menu tab, “Report Malicious Online Postings.”

Via the new menu created on its official website ( on January 23th (Mon.), Ewha plans to effectively gather supporting evidence for cyber bullying in order to file legal action in a timely manner.

By engaging in a battle against malicious comments, Ewha intends to protect the human rights of all its members including students and alumnae and sound an alarm over misogyny, which has rapidly spread through the internet. It is hoped that the launch of the “Report Malicious Online Postings” menu serves as a momentum to eradicate bias and discrimination against Ewha and by extension, women as a whole.