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Ewha Holds “New Year’s Greetings with the Ewha Family 2017”

To welcome the new year together, Ewha Womans University held the “New Year’s Greetings with the Ewha Family 2017” at the Lee Sam-bong Hall and the Multipurpose Hall of the ECC building at 10:00 a.m., Monday, January 2. All members of Ewha joined the event to recommit themselves to taking another leap based on the 130 years of Ewha’s history. 

Chairperson Chang Myong-Sue said, “We, as the members of Ewha, should not forget the lessons learned from the hardships we went through last year and make the most out of them to enable Ewha to grow further.” She also encouraged attendees, saying, “As the first fruit of our efforts to heal and resolve a variety of traumas and problems, the General Faculty Council was established at the end of the last year. I believe that the launch will mark the start of mutual respect and trust, healing of wounds, and restoration of dignity of the Ewha community.”

Vice President Song Tuck Soo offered New Year’s wishes to the attendees saying, “The year 2017 is the Year of the Rooster. I wish, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, Ewha members will embrace each other, work together, heal our wounds together, and raise the status of Ewha.” On the election of the president, he remarked, “I will strive to stabilize Ewha by electing the president as soon as possible after collecting opinions from all Ewha members.”

The greetings were followed by the special performance prepared by the College of Music: Professor Shin Ji Hwa (Voice) performed “As if spring comes across the river” and “Mattinata” to the piano accompaniment of Professor Jeong Ho Jeong (Keyboard Instruments). After the performance, the attendees exchanged New Year’s greetings and had pleasant conversations while enjoying refreshments.