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Ewha Launches ROTC

Ewha Womans University launched the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (or ROTC) program, concluding an agreement on student cadet military education with Army Cadet Military School on November 1.

Held at the ROTC Hall, the launching ceremony, beginning at 2:30 p.m. and lasting half an hour, included unveiling of the signboard, signing of the agreement, and official launching of the ROTC program. Ewha’s adoption of the ROTC is significant in that it can fulfill demands for women’s advancement in society from all levels of society; realize gender equality by providing talented female students with more opportunities to become military officers; provide systematic educational courses designed to foster elite female junior officers with female expertise and prudence; and secure talented women with various majors at an early stage.

Selected as a university entitled to introduce the ROTC program in February 2016, Ewha recruited 30 ROTC cadets among sophomore applicants with the competition rate of 2.4 to one from March to August. These selected cadets will take military educational courses starting January 2017 at the ROTC Hall, which was newly built in the second half of this year and thus is equipped with outstanding educational infrastructure. After completing a two-week basic military training course organized by Army Cadet Military School, the cadets will attend the official joining ceremony scheduled to be held in late February 2017.