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Ewha Language Center Holds the 25th Korean Speaking Contest for Foreigners in Celebration of Hangeul Day

The Ewha Language Center (led by Director Lee Hai-young) held the "25th Korean Speaking Contest for Foreigners" in the Ewha-Samsung Education Culture Building on October 10 (Mon.) at 10 a.m. to celebrate the proclamation day of the Korean alphabet.

This speaking contest, hosted by the Ewha Language Center, was established in 1991 and marks its 25th anniversary this year. The contest was designed to encourage and assist Korean language learners such as foreign students for Korean language courses, Ewha's international students and exchange students to learn the Korean language. Among them, about 1,000 students participated in the contest.

In this contest, 10 students from all over the world such as the U.S., Japan, China, Uzbekistan and the UAE boasted their Korean speaking skills which they have developed so far. Besides the speaking contest, the participants' talent show featuring dancing, singing performance and piano playing satisfied the eyes and ears of the audience.

"I am pleased that the contest came out great after about one month of my practice," Dunn Jenny (the U.S.) who won the grand prize said. "I will strive more to study the Korean language as I did two years ago when I gladly started studying."