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Ewha, Selected as a Partnership School of “the Harvard College in Asia Program” for Ten Consecutive Years

Ewha Womans University is honored to be selected for ten consecutive years as a partner of the Harvard College in Asia Program (HCAP), which provides academic and cultural exchange between the two schools.
HCAP, one of the largest academic and cultural exchange programs in Asia, was founded in October of 2003 at Harvard University with the goal of fostering leaders with a mutual deep understanding of the U.S. and Asia. Seven or eight prestigious schools in major Asian countries are selected as the partners for this program every year, and the delegates have conferences in Harvard and the partnership schools. In Korea, only Ewha has participated in the program since 2007, so it is selected as one of the longest partners along with the University of Tokyo and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Harvard delegates are highly satisfied with well-organized and various programs Ewha provides. Ewha-HCAP has been receiving such good responses that a total of about 189 Ewha students have participated in it for the last ten years.
As part of 2016-2017 Ewha-HCAP, 16 delegates from Ewha participated in the first Boston conference organized by Harvard from January 15 to 22 (eight days). In the future, from March 11 to 19 of 2017 (nine days), the second conference organized by Ewha will be held in Seoul on the subject of “Mind, Body, and Society: Global Health Challenges of the 21st century.”