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Hans Modrow, Former Prime Minister of East Germany, Discussed Reunification at Ewha

-Hans Modrow (88), the last Communist premier of the German Democratic Republic (GDR), visited Ewha Womans University on 21 September (Wed.) and delivered a special lecture titled the State of Affairs during German Reunification and Subsequent Circumstances.

He was the last premier of East Germany when the Communist Party (Socialist Unity Party) was a governing party of GDR, and after the German reunification he served as a member of the European Parliament and of the Bundestag. He is one of the best-known German politicians and currently is the honorary Chairman of the Left Party.

Arriving at Ewha at two thirty, he looked around the campus and met Seok Hyang Kim, director of the Ewha Institute of Unification Studies and professor of North Korean Studies Department.

Then from three thirty, Hans Modrow shared his experiences over German reunification and discussed unification of the Korean Peninsula under the theme of the State of Affairs during German Reunification and Subsequent Circumstances with Ewha students at the Ewha-POSCO Building. The former prime minister explained in detail the German reunification process and the rapidly changing internal and external circumstances before and after the reunification and gave a good deal of advice for the two Koreas to achieve peaceful unification. According to him, the South and the North should end the ideological confrontation and phase in preparation for mutual reconciliation and concord. He also advised that not only the two Koreas but also the neighboring countries should make collaborative efforts.