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High-Ewha, Hi-Ewha Held for Prospective Ewha Students

The 10th High-Ewha, Hi-Ewha, a major-exploration program jointly organized by Ewha Womans University and high schools, was held for prospective Ewha students.

The program has been held a total of 10 times since its launch in February 2012, and has helped high school students find their dreams and talents by providing opportunities to explore careers related to each major. In particular, the 10th High-Ewha, Hi-Ewha consisted of two programs: High-Ewha, Hi-Ewha Special Camp for Future Leaders, a two day and one night program aimed at students from areas where relatively little college admission information is available and Hi-Ewha Special Program of the ELTEC College of Engineering designed to introduce various majors at Ewha’s engineering college and related careers.


High-Ewha, Hi-Ewha Special Camp for Future Leaders was held for students from 66 high schools located in the areas that are classified as disadvantaged areas in terms of college admission information, such as small towns in provinces, excluding metropolitan cities, as well as gun and myeon districts. Participants gained in-depth information on campus life in general, and had opportunities to strengthen their resolve and aspiration in deciding their major and career plans.

Hi-Ewha Special Program of the ELTEC College of Engineering, a major-exploration program offered by the College of Engineering, was held in celebration of the launch of the ELTEC College of Engineering. Participants selected one of the newly established majors and learned about its curriculums and related careers. In addition, they had time to become well-prepared prospective Ewha students by experiencing real campus life in advance through a lab tour for each major, a campus tour and a meeting session with Ewha students.