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Ewha Volunteer Teams for Overseas Educational Programs Visit the US and Cambodia

Ewha’s volunteer teams for overseas educational programs practiced neighborly love of serving and sharing, the spirit of Ewha, through volunteer work during 2016 summer vacation in the US and Cambodia.

The education volunteer team for the US region was composed of twelve volunteers including the team leader Professor Cho Sabang (Composition major), students, and staff members in charge. They visited Camp Choson, held at Camp Lakamaga in Minnesota, and Korean Heritage House in St. Paul and provided educational volunteer programs for Korean adoptees in the US to experience the Korean language, art, and culture for fifteen days from July 1st to 15th.


Another volunteer team provided children from low-income families in underdeveloped countries with various educational programs and cultural exchange activities. The education volunteer team of Ewha, composed of twenty-three members including Professor Shin Nana (Children Education), students, and staff members in charge visited Ewha Social Services Center located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia for thirteen days from July 11th to 23rd. 

Since its first service in 2000, the Ewha Volunteer Team, mainly comprised of enrolled students, has provided various volunteer programs during summer and winter vacations at home and abroad.