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Ewha Holds 130th Anniversary Ceremony

The commemorative ceremony for Ewha’s 130th anniversary was held at 10 a.m. on May 31 at the Welch-Ryang Auditorium in the celebration of 3,000 people.


President Choi Kyunghee delivered a commemoration speech, remembering the spirit of Ewha’s establishment and the best moments in the Ewha’s history that have lead “the firsts” of the world, and told the miracle of donation that produced the spirit of sharing and serving, along with the history of Ewha’s development. In addition, she suggested a new vision for the era of “Ewha 4.0” focusing on the education and research in preparation for globalization and the future society, and cultivation of foundation for  the unification of the country. To this end, the President proposed measures including foundation of a global consortium (Asian Premier University Club), expansion of EGPP (EGPP Plus), and establishment of a fund to prepare for the future (Ewha Excellence Fund), pledging an effort for sustainable development of Ewha.

In commemoration of the 130th anniversary, special video screening was held conveying the 130-year history of Ewha’s development and congratulatory messages from celebrities and alumnae. Commendation was granted to teacher Choi Jae-ok (Ewha Geumran High School), professor Jeong Yeong-hae (Medicine), and staff Baek Seung-hak (Facilities Maintenance) representing 119 members of staff for their 30, 20, and 10 years of service.

President of Korea Legal Aid Center for Family Relations, Gwak Bae-hui won in the 16th Pride of Ewha Awards, and Professor Yoon Juyoung of Chemistry & Nano Science was awarded in the 12th Ewha Academic Achievement Awards.