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Ewha GSTI Holds a Special Lecture by British Ambassador Charles Hay

Ewha GSTI (Dean Kim Hye-rim) held a special lecture given by British Ambassador Charles Hay at 11a.m. on April 8th at the LG Convention Hall of the International Education Building on the Ewha campus.


This lecture was organized as part of Advanced B Language III, a required course of GSTI, as the British ambassador’s wife Pascale Sutherland, who teaches the course, invited the ambassador to deliver a lecture to GSTI students. Ms. Sutherland, with 18 years of experience as an English-French-Italian interpreter, is a regular member of the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC) and started teaching as a lecturer at Ewha GSTI in March 2016.

The British ambassador shared views and insights on major current issues concerning “the relations between Korea and Britain, and between Britain and the EU” with an audience of approximately a hundred GSTI students, graduates, and faculty. Mr. Hay said, “Korea and Britain have maintained friendly relations for a long time as a staunch ally,” noting the importance of extending such good relations to various areas from the economy and trade to art, culture, and education of both countries. The lecture also dealt with pressing issues facing Britain and the EU, such as accepting refugees and the economic downturn, and discussed possible solutions to the common issues with the audience.