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Ewha, Strengthening International Cooperation with Brown University and Indiana University

The Office of Global Affairs of Ewha Womans University decided to make a general agreement on extending exchanges of research and education with Brown University, one of the Ivy-League universities in the United States, and expand the interchange between the two institutions. This came after the final agreement which concluded in the end of January, 2016 as a result of the discussion on signing the MOU between the two colleges after the delegation from Brown University visited Ewha in May, 2015. Based on the Brown Curriculum established in 1969, Brown University has run one of the most outstanding undergraduate education programs and is expected to make an academic exchange with Ewha in various fields including women's studies, Korean studies, natural science, and international studies. According to the conclusion of the agreement, Faculty and Research Team from the Department of Women’s Studies at Ewha are scheduled to participate in the International Academic Conference on Women’s Studies held from April 15 to 16, 2016 by the Pembroke Center for Teaching and Researching on Women at Brown University.

Indiana University, one of the prestigious universities in the United States, announced in January 26, 2016 that it will select outstanding undergraduates from Sciences at Ewha and provide the selected students with the International Summer Undergraduate Research Program (IU-ISURP) during the 2016 summer vacation. The IU-ISURP is a result of the mutual discussion which was conducted in March 2015 between President Michael McRobbie from Indiana University and President Choi Kyunghee from Ewha University on developing new and creative exchange student programs that are different from the existing programs, only based on credit exchange. In 2015, two students from Ewha completed various programs through eight weeks, including exploration of labs, participation in experiments and seminars, and academic presentation. The number of students who can participate in the 2016 summer program is expected to increase. The Office of Global Affairs is planning to provide detailed information on the program and proceed with selection procedures for enrolled students of Ewha this coming March.