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Award Ceremony Held for the 2nd Open Competition for Promotion Idea with Ewha People

Award ceremony for the 2nd Open Competition for Promotion Idea was held at the small conference room of Pfeiffer Hall on January 14 (Thu.), 2016, at 1:30 p.m. From November 16 (Mon.) to December 23 (Wed.), 2015, Public Relations Team of Ewha’s Office of University Planning and Coordination invited Ewha’s undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and staff members, and alumnae to join the open contest for promotion ideas to effectively promote the school’s strength and status and to enhance self-esteem of Ewha students.


The second competition was run in six categories of promotion idea planning, advertisement poster, catchphrase, UCC, webtoon, and calligraphy. As Grand Prize, the promotion plan “Light Up Project” of Lee Seulyeri (Graduate School of Visual Communication Design, entering class of 2015) was selected. She proposed an art project to throw shadow messages at Ewha Campus Complex (ECC) using artificial or natural light. Her idea, based on the song “May Ewha glow,” received favorable reviews in that it can enhance the status of the school with an art work, and it is a challenging idea of revealing a message through shadows.

Commendation Prizes were awarded to three teams - Sohn In (Electronic Engineering, 2014) of “A Letter from Mom,” Choi Min-gyeong (Life Science, 2012) and Lee Hae-won (Business Administration, 2009) of “The Female Pioneers of Korea, History of Ewha is Women’s History,” and Seon Mo-eun (Communication Media, 2015) of “Ewha Fascinating.” Second Commendation Prizes were given to five teams - Kim Su-ji (Human Movement Studies, 2010) and Kim Na-yeon (Graduate School of Design, 2014) in calligraphy, and Yu Eun-gyeong (History, 2011), Kim Ga-eun (Mathematics Education, 2015), Heo Da-yeon (Nursing Science, 2015), and Jang U-ju (Nursing Science, 2013) in catchphrase.

The Grand Prize winner Lee Seulyeri said, “I know that I would have to shorten the message to realistic length, but I would be pleased if this project is really implemented in the campus of Ewha.” Park Seon-gi, Dean of Planning and Development who ran the award ceremony commented, “We will continue to hold the open competition for promotion idea. Please pay your attention to the competition and help us collect good ideas.” The awarded projects will be open to the public through the school’s blog, Facebook, and Instagram page.