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2015 Ewha Winter Volunteers Held an Opening Ceremony

The volunteer team of the Office of Student Affairs held an opening ceremony for “2015 Ewha Winter Volunteers” at the little theater of the Student Union on December 22 (Tue.) in the afternoon for some 200 volunteers including undergraduate students, professors and university staff members to embark on winter vocation volunteer activities.


The 88 enrolled students who take part in the domestic volunteer education program will carry out volunteer education, mentoring, special activities and camping activities at 18 organizations such as local children’s centers and primary, middle and high schools around the country, including Yeongwol in Gangwon Province, Haenam in South Jeolla Province, Wanju in North Jeolla Province, and Taean in South Chungcheong Province from January 4 (Mon.) until January 30 (Sat.).

With regard to the overseas education volunteer work, three teams which consist of undergraduate students and professors and staff members in charge will visit Vietnam, Cambodia, and Japan for two weeks between December 28 (Mon.) and January 29 (Fri.) in order to engage in volunteer education and cultural exchange activities. In Vietnam and Cambodia, the teams will carry out volunteer education, drawing fresco, and classroom improvement activities, while in Japan, they will provide volunteer education for middle and high school students who are the fourth and fifth generation Korean Japanese, as well as volunteer services for the elderly and disabled seniors who are the first and second generation Korean Japanese.


The two overseas medical volunteer teams which consist of undergraduate students, graduate students of the School of Medicine, professors in charge, and professors and nurses from the Ewha Womans University Medical Center will visit Cambodia and Vietnam respectively to provide medical services for those in need and health services for the local communities as well as missionary activities from January 12 (Tue.) until January 23 (Sat.).

The “Ewha Volunteers,” which was founded in 2000, has taken the initiative in forming a society where people live together and in practicing Ewha’s founding “Christian spirit of neighborly love” through volunteer activities during summer and winter vocations.