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Health Service Center


About Health Service Center

The University Health Center is a student welfare organization that provides student with health and medical care services to keep the campus healthy. Services provided include health care, medical treatment and health education.

Who can use the University Health Service Center?

The University Health Service Center is open to all members;
membership is given immediately upon the payment of a Student Health Fee.

  1. 1. How is the payment(KRW 23,200 per semester as of 2018) of the student Health Fee Made?
    1. 1) Pay the Student Health Fee when you pay your tuition
    2. 2) Visit the Ewha Student Health Insurance office
  2. 2. Students must show their student ID cards to use the Center.
  3. 3. Members are entitled to use the health and medical care services explained below, which are offered by the Center for free or for a nominal fee.