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Leadership Programs

Ewha Campus Leader

The Ewha Campus Leader, established in October 1997, is Korea's first campus tour guide that consists of current undergraduate students. Students act as ambassadors of the campus and provide campus tour guide services to campus visitors and middle/high school students. Ewha Campus Leaders also provides diverse promotional programs both on and off campus.

A. Eligibility: Freshmen
B. Application period: mid April ~ mid May (Announcements on the homepage)


EWHAROSA is a program that is run directly under the Office of Admissions and acts as a bridge between the Office of Admissions and high schools. The program consists of volunteers who support and help high school students prepare for university through online and offline mentoring activities.

A. Eligibility: freshmen or current students
B. Application period: mid-Feburary ~ early March (Announcements on the homepage)

Alma Mater Visiting Groups

Current undergraduate students visit their own high schools to deliver presentations to promote Ewha.

A. Eligibility: Current undergraduate students
B. Application period: Early March (Announcements on the homepage)

Library Supporters

The library supporters help library usage of Ewhaian through activities including planning/advertising library events, library tour and library campaigns.

A. Eligibility: undergraduates
B. Application period: May (Announcements on the homepage)

Ewha Womans University Museum Docents

The program was introduced in 2002 as the first volunteer led museum docent program. Volunteers receive specialized training on the museum and its collection to gain further understanding and experience regarding the cultural and artistic aspects of the pieces in the museum.

A. Eligibility: undergraduates and graduate students
B. Application period: February, July (Announcements on the homepage)

Ewha Archives Docents

Docents help visitors by introducing the history of the university through the Ewha Archives to distinguished guests, general visitors, and Ewha students.

A. Eligibility: undergraduate and graduate students
B. Application Period: June, December (Please see the homepage for more information)

Natural History Museum Docents

Students of all majors who are interested in nature can volunteer to become a docent and explain exhibitions in the Ewha Natural History museum.

A. Eligibility: high school, undergraduate and graduate students
B. Application Period: early March (Please see the homepage for more information)

Ewha Student Campus Guards

Ewha student campus guards enhance security awareness by patrolling school grounds and looking for hidden cameras, deal promptly with emergency situations through immediate intervention.

A. Eligibility: undergraduate current students (excluding students of the academic credit bank system)
B. Application Period: mid-January, mid-July (Please see the homepage for more information)