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Student ID Card Issuance

1. Student ID Check Card

  • 1) Purpose : Personal identification, access to buildings and the library, class attendance and seat reservation, ShinHan Bank check/debit card, prepaid public transportation (T-money).
  • 2) How to Issue the Student ID Check Card
    • i) First-time Issuance
      • Eligibility : Freshmen, a first year student (Graduate School and transfer students)
      • Notice will be on the Ewha Homepage notice board.
      • Application and receipt : Apply during February (or August) to receive it in March (or September)
      • Those who missed the application date may visit the Student Services Center to apply.
      • Fee : Free of charge
    • ii) Re-Issuance
      • Eligibility : Enrolled students who have lost/damaged their student ID check card.
      • Application Procedure : Report lost cards online at the Ewha Portal Information System → My Home(마이홈) → Multi-function Card(다기능카드) → Visit the Student Services Center (bring identification card/passport) → Submit an application form to reissue the ID check card → Obtain a renewed card immediately → (Optional) Visit Shinhan Bank (Ewha Womans University branch) and have the check/debit function activated.
      • Fee : 5,000 KRW
    • 3) Reporting/Cancel Reporting of Lost ID Cards
      • Lost ID check cards must be reported to prevent misuse.
      • To suspend/resume ID card function on campus : go to the Ewha Portal Information System → My Home(마이홈) → Multi-function Card(다기능카드) → Report/Cancel Reporting on Lost ID Cards
      • To deactivate/reactivate check/debit cards : Visit Shinhan Bank or call 1544-7200
  • 4). Mobile Student ID
    • Application : Refer to the Ewha Portal Information System → My Home(마이홈) → Multi-function Care(다기능카드)

2. International Student ID Card

  • 1) Eligibility : Undergraduate and Graduate students (Currently enrolled or on leave of absence).
    -Exception: Graduate Students who have permanently completed their studies (영구수료자) are unable to receive an International Student ID card.
  • 2) Application Procedure
    • i) Online Application
      • Find link to ISIC(www.isic.co.kr/ewha)
      • Register online request form and finish your payment
      • ISIC homepage→「My ID」→「Card issue」
      • After receiving the approval message, select type of card(debit/check card function or non-debit card function) and method of card receipt
      • Upload your photograph(JPG format)
      • Fee: (new) 19,000 KRW/1 year
                  (extension) 16,000 KRW/1 year
    • ii) Receipt
      • Non-debit card type: Visit the Student Services Center (ECC B303) with your ID card.
        (Student Services Center office hours: 9:00~16:40, Monday to Friday, closed on weekends, holidays)
      • Debit/Check card type: Visit ECC Shin Han Bank with your ID card.
        (Bank working hours: 9:00~16:00, Monday to Friday, closed on weekends, holidays)
      • Contactless delivery (Non-debit card type& Debit card type): Regular Post Mail