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Other Services

Lost and Found Service

The Student Services Center provides a lost and found service at the Lost and Found (분실물/습득물) board on the Ewha homepage. If you find a lost item on campus, please bring the item to the Student Services Center (ECC B303, 9:00AM to 4:40PM, Monday to Friday, closed on weekends, holidays)

  1. If you lost your item on campus
    • A. Visit the Ewha Homepage > Log-in > Bulletin Board (게시판) > Lost and Found (분실물/습득물).
    • B. If you found an item that might be yours, visit the Student Services Center to receive the item. Please bring a form of photo ID for identification purposes.
    • C. If you cannot find your missing item on the list, please leave a message on the Lost and Found (분실물/습득물) board by clicking Registration (등록).
  2. Lost and found items storage period: 6 months at the Student Services Center

    (Afterwards, items will be recycled or donated to other institutions).

Ewha Portal Password Reset

In case you need to reset your password, please contact the relevant office by referring to the following information:

  1. Students and alumnae: Student Services Center (+82-2-3277-2064)
  2. Faculty members, researchers, part-time lecturers: Office of Faculty Affairs (+82-2-3277-2069)
  3. Professional & Special Graduate School students and alumnae: Please contact your graduate school office.

International Airmail Services (DHL)

The Student Services Center provides international airmail services via DHL express.

  1. Service Hours: 9:00 a.m.-16:40 p.m., Monday through Friday (except national holidays)
  2. Delivery Period Documents take around 2~3 days
  3. Shipping deadline

    Mail prepared by 15:00 p.m. will be shipped out via DHL Air Express by the same evening.

    Mail prepared after 15:00 p.m. will be shipped out via DHL Air Express by the following evening.

  4. Note
    • For application packets to universities or admissions offices in the United States, one CD-ROM counts as one document.

      Cash and checks are prohibited items and cannot be mailed.

Student Insurance

Currently enrolled students of undergraduate and graduate courses (international students included) are financially supported in case of injury during on-campus and off-campus activities.

  1. Compensation: Accidents during on-campus activities including laboratory activities as well as accidents during off-campus activities that are led by the faculties (classes, seminars, exhibitions etc.) may be compensated.
  2. Compensation type, limit.
    재학생 보험 보상종류 및 한도
    Contents compensation limit(won)
    on-site and off-site
    treatment cost
    injury treatment fee 1million
    research activity
    worker accident insurance
    injury treatment fee

    on-site and off-site treatment cost: compensate contingent accidents occurred during educational institution's work task at a region/facility related to or owned/used/managed by the educational institution.(real cost compensation below 1 million won)

    Research activity worker accident insurance : Insurance specified to researchers working in laboratory adhering to safety guideline and compensation for the researchers' physical injury.
    (Eligibility : A person injured in a safety accident during an experiment in a laboratory registered by the Safety team)

ECC Lockers

  1. Eligibility : Currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students (including graduate students who have registered for a dissertation or research)
  2. Location : Near ECC Gate 1, B303 Student Services Center
  3. Application and Assignment Period : Beginning of every semester (Mid-February or mid-August, please refer to the homepage notice board).

Discounts for International Roaming Services

The Office of Student Affairs, in collaboration with Wifi Dosirak, provides undergraduate and graduate students and staff with data roaming service plans at specially discounted prices.

  1. Log in to the reservation site specialized for Ewha (accessible on pc and smartphones)
  2. Visit at the date you selected to receive/return devices

    Detailed information about discounts can be found on the reservation site-price checklist.