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The Graduate School of Design


The Graduate School of Design was established in 1982 to cultivate female leaders to join the workforce and contribute to the national industrial, environmental, and cultural progress of Korea. We strive to introduce both new and established theories to our students to provide a research-oriented environment where students can explore aspects of design and modeling.

Jae Kyung Cho(Division of Design)
Arts & Design Building B 515


1982.03 Established the Graduate School of Industrial Design
1995.03 Renamed to the Graduate School of Design

The aim of education

The educational goal of the GSD is to maximize creative and practical abilities of students through a higher education and research system to nurture female professionals that can lead the future in contemporary and classical design. The GSD specifically focuses on developing insights in design and advancing the knowledge of creative directors, design entrepreneurs, design managers, and designers who will expand and sustain creative activities.

The objectives of the school are to:

  • 01 Maximize competence in creative design thinking, artistic sense and logical communication skills.
  • 02 Continue gaining insight in up-to-date lifestyles and trends.
  • 03 Cultivate leadership in female designers that can contribute their expertise to the industry, community and country.


Design (Fashion Design, Advertising & Brand Design, Space & Lighting Design, User Experience Design, Design Management, Service Design, Craft Design, Color Design Technology)