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College of Liberal Arts


The College of Liberal Arts has been a part of Ewha's history and tradition from the very beginning. Founded in 1925, its name changed several times before becoming the College of Liberal Arts. Currently, the College of Liberal Arts consists of two divisions and eight majors.

As society undergoes noticeably rapid changes with regard to the sharing and development of knowledge, education requires broad and flexible understanding as well as a high level of specific competence education in order to strengthen students' capacity to adapt effectively to such changes. To this end, the college endeavors to create learning conditions that will help students acquire the ability to think responsibly as well as critically in this rapidly changing global environment through in-depth study in the humanities including subjects such as philosophy, history, and literature.

Min-Joo Han(Department of French Language & Literature)
Hak-gwan 404


1925.04 The Humanities Division was founded.
1945.10 The Humanities Division under Hanrimwon, former College of Humanities.
1951.12 The College of Humanities was founded.
1982.02 The College of Liberal arts, name changed.

The Aim of Education

The College of Liberal Arts aims to maximize the development of students' intellectual capacities, equip them with the multi-cultural perspective required by our globalized society. The college also strives to promote students' sense of self-awareness to help them become better family members, neighbors, citizens, and professionals.

Joint Majors

East Asia Studies, America Studies, Professional English, Art History, Japanese Language and Culture