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Campus Life

Student ID Check Card

Main Functions and Instructions

The Ewha Womans University student ID check card can be linked your Shinhan Bank account, and also functions as a prepaid public transport card (T-money card) and proof of identity and verification for electronic attendance, while providing access to university facilities including the library, dormitory, and laboratories. Please be responsible for keeping your ID card safe and in good condition.

  1. 1. Official university ID card: Serves as proof of student status with Ewha Womans University.
  2. 2. Access to libraries: Used to enter campus libraries, check out library books, and reserve seats at library reading rooms.
  3. 3. Access to campus facilities: Provides access to computer lounges, 24-hour reading rooms, dormitories, and laboratories.
  4. 4. Proof of identity and electronic verification of class attendance.
  5. 5. Prepaid public transport card (T-money): Used for bus or subway rides within the Seoul metropolitan area after a monetary deposit is made.
  6. 6. Check card: Used as a check card after activation with Shinhan Bank.

New Card / Replacement

  1. 1. New Card
    1. A. Eligibility: Incoming undergraduate and graduate students
    2. B. Fee: Free of charge
    3. C. Application and receipt: Applications received in February (or August) and cards issued in March (or September)
    4. D. Application process: See instructions for incoming students
    5. ※ When semesters are in session, please submit applications to the Student Service Center.
  2. 2. Replacement
    1. A. Eligibility: Enrolled undergraduate and graduate students who have lost/damaged their student ID check card.
    2. B. Fee: 5,000 won
    3. C. Procedure: Report lost card online via EUREKA → Multifunction Card → Visit the Student Service Center → Submit an application form to reissue the ID check card → Obtain a replacement card on the spot → (Optional) Visit Shinhan Bank(Ewha Womans University branch) and have the card activated
    4. ※ Replace your cards at the Student Service Center at ECC B303, from 9:00AM to 4:40PM, Monday to Friday (closed on weekends, holidays).
    5. ※ If you would like to change the photo on your card, please bring an ID photo (3x4㎝).
    6. ※ To use the ID card as a check card, please visit Shinhan Bank(Ewha Womans University branch) with your ID card and have it activated as a check card. You can also apply for a bankbook if needed.

Reporting Lost ID Cards / Cancelling the Report

  1. 1. Reporting Lost ID Cards : Lost ID check cards must be reported to the relevant school office and bank to prevent misuse.
    1. A. To suspend a missing ID card: EUREKA → Multifunction Card → Report Lost Student ID Card
    2. B. To deactivate the check card function: Visit Shinhan Bank or call 1544-7200
  2. 2. Cancelling the Report
    1. A. To cancel suspension of ID card: EUREKA → Multifunction Card → Cancel Lost Student ID Card
    2. B. To cancel deactivation of the check card function: Visit Shinhan Bank or call 1544-7200