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Medical Research Institute

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Medical Research Institute


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The Medical Research Center was founded on the premises of College of Medicine, Ewha Womans University, in August 1995. The Medical Research Center aims to stimulate and promote studies in a variety of medical fields and to produce leading medical scientists.
In the past 50 years, over 2,400 alumnae from the College of Medicine have made great contributions to the society on the spiritual basis of Christianity. In order to strengthen the competitiveness of research members of the College of Medicine, the Medical Research Center was inaugurated with the starting organization of nine divisions: Div. for Women's Diseases, Div. of Organ Transplantation, Div. of Cancer Research, Div. of Immunology, Div. of Biophysics and Bioengineering, Div. of Neuroscience, Div. of Molecular Biology, Div. of Cell Biology, and Div. of Epidemiology.
Each division performs its own independent research project(s) using the latest techniques. The Medical Research Center has various facilities including two laboratories equipped with general instruments, one animal laboratory, one animal breeding room, one electro microscope laboratory, and one radioisotope room. Six full-time researchers with Ph.D. or M.S. degrees and one hundred forty six affiliated researchers are currently performing their research using the facilities of the Center. In 1995, the researchers received external grants of 390 million won from various institutes including the Ministry of Education and the Korean Science and Engineering Foundation, and internal funds of 230 million won. In 1994 alone, the Medical Research Center held four symposiums and three workshops. The Medical Research Center has its own periodical, `Ewha Medical Journal', and publishes monthly newsletters.
In accordance to this master plan, each division of the Center will be strengthened by opening more full-time positions to researchers with doctoral degree(s) and be equipped with more updated and sophisticated research instruments. The Medical Research Center will hold frequent seminars on current topics and will also sponsor each division's endeavor to keep pace with worldwide leading medical research institutes.

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      "Ewha Feminist Theological Studies" : publishes academic works once or twice a year
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