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Center for Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality

Center for Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality

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Center for Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality


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The Center for Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality was established in March, 1998 to nurture and produce professionals of international standards and to develop creative technology through research in the interaction between computers and people, and visual communications which is seen as the primary factor for the paradigm shift in the information society. It was designated as the ITRC (Information Technology Research Center) in August of 2000 under the ministry of Information and Communications’ project for university information and communications research center support. The center is one of few research institutes which own a variety of high-tech imaging and display equipments essential for researches related to virtual/mixed reality techniques, and it rendered distinguished services for bringing an import substitution effect through the construction of ‘PC based CAVE-like system with four sided display’. The center is also now performing two main interdisciplinary convergent researches, such as ‘Development of real-time physics simulation engine for e-Entertainment’ (supported by the IT R&D Program of the MKE) and ‘High resolution time-spatial bio-cell image computing’ (supported by the Acceleration Research Program of the MEST).
Its main area of research includes virtual and mixed reality technology to create a human-centered digital space, (HCI, VR display, immersive 3D digital sound), real-time computer graphics technology (digital human body modeling, natural phenomena modeling, intellectual virtual characters), etc. The newly developed technologies are applied to various applications such as cars and architecture to test their practicality, and approved technologies are transferred to related industries to contribute to Korea’s industrialization. The center is also demonstrating its academic value through numerous awards and theses submitted to academic journals and prestigious academic symposiums both home and abroad. It received the spotlight at the computer graphics international symposium SIGGRAPH held in San Diego, U.S., in July of 2003, displaying its first person VR shooting game ‘Alice in Virtual World.’ In 2004, it placed first at the symposium’s special contest, ‘Real Time 3DX: Demo or Die’ and was recognized for its outstanding and unique technology. The center have also been certified its capability for research in not only in domestic but also in overseas, such as selected as a cover image of ‘Journal of Visualization and Computer Animation’, received the best paper award of ‘Computers & Graphics’ from Elsevier, and selected as outstanding research top 50 honored by the National Research Foundation of Korea. It have also received ‘Best Paper Award’ in ACM Symposium on Solid Modeling and Applications, ‘Best Poster Award’ in Geometric Modeling and Processing, ‘Outstanding Research Cases Award’ from Korea Research Foundation, and ‘Best Paper Award by Unanimous Vote’ in international CAD Conference. In January of 2004, the center set up a research center in the computer graphics lab (CGL) of the ETH in Zurich, the second most prestigious Engineering University in the world, and is engaged in active joint research. It also acts as a bridge for the inflow of global technology through research exchanges with Europe (German, France, etc,) the U.S., and Japan, co-hosting of international symposiums, and visiting lectures by world-renowned scholars. The center trains researchers who are equipped with modern global theories and research experience.