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Institute of World and Global History

Institute of World and Global History

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Institute of World and Global History


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Institute of World and Global History was launched by World Class University (WCU) of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology on December 1st, 2008 at Ewha Womans University. The maingoal of the Institute is twofold: First, the Institute seeks to critically review the past and current academic trend and the viewpoint of Korean academic society towards world history that have mainly been focusing on Euro-centrism. Second, the Institute seeks to lead a new research foundation of world and global history as well as educating current and future generations in Korea based on a global perspective and viewpoint.

The objective of WCU is to conduct collaborative research with world famous scholars as well as to provide appropriate education to Korean students. In order to accomplish our objectives, we established a close relationship and collaboration with a distinguished scholar David Christian, a professor of the History Department at Macquarie University, Australia. He led the notion of “Big History” and provided the methodology for the new research trend of world and global history.

Based on the WCU project, the Institute of World and Global History seeks to lead the new global and world history research and education. Its main projects are led by three different research and education centers: Global Network Center, Transnational Center, and Global Education Center.

Global Network Center studies the role of center, semi-periphery, periphery, formation and change of global networks in different regions and inter-regions and Node of network.

Transnational Center examines the discourse of nation, transnational historical force, multinational corporations, organizations and historical changes of border regions.

Global Education Center opens the programs for middle and high school teachers, new courses for undergraduate and graduate levels, educational courses for the people, and public lectures and speeches.

Furthermore, the Institute plans to hold many workshops, colloquiums and international conferences to construct diverse networks among scholars and teachers. This will allow the Institute to constantly exchange information and perform collaborative studies. We sincerely hope that our studies and outcomes can be featured through diverse and multiple mediums to stimulate works and education of new world and global history.