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Research Institute of EcoScience

Research Institute of EcoScience

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Research Institute of EcoScience


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The Research Institute of EcoScience was established as the ‘Natural History Research Institute’ in 1997. It carries out research and education on the understanding of the natural environment and the protection and preservation of biodiversity. It also conducts commissioned research projects and education on natural history, to nurture understanding, knowledge and appreciation of the nature among the Korean people as cultured citizens. The institute has led and promoted research and education since its establishment, and received its current name in 2006 to focus its research on ecological logics that could stand up to the comprehensive understanding and developmental logics of the natural environment.
The institute runs Korea’s first and finest joint program on the environment and ecology, oversees the education and research teams of the academia-industry-research system combining environmental and life sciences, and seeks to nurture professionals in the fields of international environment and ecological strategies.
The institute is currently divided into 5 research centers: the Environmental Changes Research Center, the Biodiversity Research Center, the Biomimicry Research Center, the Eco Education Research Center and the DMZ Eco Research Center. Its researchers are composed of the school’s professors and research teams, conducting theoretical and experimental research on each field, outside research, service research projects, etc. The Research Institute of EcoScience and the Natural History Museum co-host national and international academic symposiums and workshops, publish research theses collections, and host special exhibitions, contributing to the education of the school and society. It promotes the understanding of and interest in the natural environment through classes on natural history, special lectures, ecology trips, exhibitions, discovery events, field trips, etc, open to kindergarten and elementary school students, and the general public.