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Institute of Nano-Bio Technology

Institute of Nano-Bio Technology

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Institute of Nano-Bio Technology


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The Institute of Nano·Bio Technology was formulated in October of 2002 under the authorization of the Ministry of Education and Science Technology as the 'Department of Nano·Bio' in the graduate program, and was initially launched in December 8th, 2002 as the "Nano·Bio Technology Center" within the Research Institute for Basic Sciences. The Institute of Nano·Bio Technology was established in 2003 when the nano·bio field was appointed as the school's special funding project. The institute was chosen in 2004 for the funding project for university science and engineering research institutes of the Korea Research Foundation.
Nanotechnology needs full support from biosystems, and bio technology from nanotechnology. Based on this, nano·bio technology is a new field of study that requires comprehensive research on the basic and applied sciences including chemistry, physics, biology, pharmacology, medicine, etc. The institute will focus research on nano structure and properties, biofunctional nano molecular recognition technology, and composition of the delivery substance of new drugs for in-depth research on the functional materials of nano·bio.
The institute's researches include internationally renowned professors from Ewha's College of Natural Sciences, College of Engineering, College of Medicine, and College of Pharmacy, their lab researchers and assistants. As of February, 2011 there are a total of 100 researchers - 18 full-time professors, 3 part-time professors, 5 full-time research professors, 6 full-time researchers, and 68 graduate students.