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The Special Education Research Institute

The Special Education Research Institute

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The Special Education Research Institute studies the academic theories and issues surrounding special education according to disability (mental disability, learning disability, autistic, emotional disturbance, physical disability, language disorder, aphasia, etc) and degree of disability. It was established on April 1st of 2002 in affiliation with the College of Education to contribute to the development of special education through the establishment of theories and improved quality of education.
The institute carries out such research through its Academic Research, Information Management, and On-site Assistance divisions. The main operations of the research institute are the following :

  • Researches in theory, policies and its application in special education.
  • Research presentations, seminars, workshops, etc, on special education
  • Research commissioned by public institutions and private organizations
  • Fields related to special education both home and abroad (speech language pathology, etc), and joint research and
    academic exchange with other research institutes
  • R&D in the education program, teaching materials, teaching methods, evaluation/diagnosing tools for special education.
  • Nurturing a professional research and education workforce in special education.
  • Information and education/training programs to those receiving special education, their families, and the general public
  • Publication of theses collections and other documents
  • Other operations related to the institute’s objectives