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Ewha Legal Science Institute

Ewha Legal Science Institute

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Ewha Legal Science Institute


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Having been at work since September 1995, ELSI has kept in line with the initial purpose of fostering studies of law on both academic disciplines and practices, and thereby nurturing the establishment of sound legal culture. For the purpose of accomplishing such mandated functions.
ELSI is composed of various divisions: Comparative Law; Consumer Law; Intellectual Property Rights Law; Family Law; Law and Feminism; and Legal Counseling, in addition to the secretariat that is also responsible for archives and publishing matters.

Specific functions of ELSI can be illustrated as follows :

  • Systematic studies on legal theory and cases of law
  • Organization of symposiums, seminars, panel discussions and special lectures
  • Exchange of information and performance of team-researches and studies of law in collaboration with other research institutions and
  • diverse academic associations
  • Research project from public and private organizations
  • Development of teaching programs and materials
  • Legal Counseling
  • Publication of Ewha Law Journal and monographs on legal studies
  • Collection, preservation and exchange of legal archives and materials

During the year of its initiation, ELSI has successfully launched itself into action. In regard to academic researches, a year-long in-depth study on civil law has been underway as the beginning of the project that aims to trace and analyze Korean legal history of last 50 years in all subjects of law. This grand plan is scheduled to be accomplished by 1998, which also marks the fiftieth year of our Government.
As part of our efforts to offer our law school community an exposure to current stream of legal studies, two renowned scholars of law, from within and outside Korea, have been invited as guest speakers on the occasion of 'The most distinguished jurists' lecture series's held under the auspices of ELSI that has also convened a special lecture on international economic law. Ewha Law Journal, which is intended for presenting results of academic achievements of our faculty, published its first issue in May, 1995.