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Ewha Education Research Institute(EERI)

Ewha Education Research Institute(EERI)

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Ewha Education Research Institute(EERI)


Education Building B #601





The Human Development Research Institute which was founded in the College of Education at 1970 and has since changed its name to the Research Institute for the Science of Education (RISE) from March 1st, 1997.

The purpose of RISE is to perform research and development in the field of education focusing on the theory of education, early child to childhood education, elementary education, educational psychology, educational technology and special education.

To achieve the purpose above, the institute will have six specialized research sections and they will perform the following activities:

  • Section for research on education: Research and development on educational theory and practice in general
  • Section for child education: Research and development on early and childhood education
  • Section for elementary education: Research and development on the elementary school child and subjects
  • Section for research on psychology: Research and development on psychology of child through adulthood
  • Section for research on educational technology: Research and development on the theory and practice of educational technology
  • Section for research on special education: Research and development on the content and methods of special education