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Communication & Media Research Center

Communication & Media Research Center

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Communication & Media Research Center


Ewha-POSCO Building #554


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The Communication & Media Research Center was established in 2006 as an affiliation of the College of Social Sciences to conduct research for the academic development and professionalization of media information, public relations, and broadcasting.
The center’s researchers are based on communications professors and researchers with minimum a master’s degree in the field. The objective is to introduce policies and strategies that can lead the media industry and to analyze cultural trends, amidst the advent of a digital media era where the media is becoming multifunctional and broken down and amidst changes in consumption patterns and attitude towards the media. The center has affiliations including the Journalism Research Center, Media Law Policy Research Center, Publicity and Marketing Research Center, Communications Strategy Research Center, Broadcasting Culture Research Center, Broadcasting Production Research Center, and the Media Education Research Center.
The Communication & Media Research Center also encourages the reciprocal development of the communications business sector and academics through the university-industry cooperation. It is also involved in various projects to support the study of communications and to suggest its future direction, through scientific analysis of social trends related to communications and the media, analyzing and offering projections on the phenomena of the media and public opinion.
The center is carrying out the following to meet such goals. First, its labs are conducting research in the fields of new media, journalism, movie media industry, broadcasting, media law policy, PR industry, policy advertising, media cultural research, public survey, advertising industry, advertising policy, consumer sentiment survey, digital contents, etc, through research surveys and projects. Second, the center is involved in publication of monographs, academic journals, teaching materials, and others. Third, the center is in the visual contents production business. Fourth, it provides introductory and retraining courses for press workers, PR professionals, publicity professionals, etc. Fifth, it runs the Professional Female Media Workers’ Fellowship. Lastly, efforts are underway to support academic exchange programs, international exchange programs, and other projects

  • Activities
    • - Research and Publications
      "Ewha Feminist Theological Studies" : publishes academic works once or twice a year
      "Women's Theological News" : a monthly newsletter Other publications
    • - Education and Training Programs Theological seminar for church women/Asian church leaders Open lecture by outstanding feminist theologians Women theologians' colloquium
    • - Resource Center
    • - International Meetings and Seminars