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Fashion Design Research Institute

Fashion Design Research Institute

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Fashion Design Research Institute


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The Fashion Design Research Institute, established in 2001, seeks to upgrade the design planning of the domestic industry, nurture a professional workforce for creative and emotional designs, and to secure design products that are distinctive and of higher quality.

The 21st century emphasizes the release of one’s emotions, leading to an age of emotional consumption where economic activities take place not based on the need, but on the cultural, aesthetic, and mind values. This socio-cultural trend is leading to rapid changes in the various sectors of our society, and the fashion industry is also faced with issues concerning high-class products for the creation of high added value and the production and sales of customized products. The fashion industry played a key role in the economic growth of our society, but faced great challenges and transformations in the 90s due to rapid changes in the world’s economy. To overcome this reality and to globalize Korea’s fashion industry, the field of fashion design should gain competitiveness of international levels within the highly-sensitive figurative arts sector.
The Fashion Design Research Institute was established to increase domestic and foreign demand and market competitiveness by enhancing the weak design planning of the domestic industry, training professionals in creative and emotional designs, and offering unique and high quality design products. The institute boasts of an outstanding research workforce and facilities for the participation in diverse activities across various fields. It is deeply involved in the practice of fashion design business strategies and in advancing and increasing the competitiveness of Korea’s fashion industry though close networks between academia, industry, research, and government. The Fashion Design Research Institute has a system based on research for supporting the development system of creative designs, education for professionals to meet the needs of the knowledge management trend, and business based on the ties between the fashion and culture industries. The details are as follows :

  • Research on Design Innovation
    • - Database on the survey/analysis/planning of fashion related data and integrated networking for domestic and overseas fashion information (industry workforce, production technology, organization, institution information, etc).
    • - Building a knowledge industry foundation through the information network.
  • Research on Design Innovation
    • - Developing/operating brands and developing self-planned products as strategy models for globalization.
    • - Running the Ewha fashion brand for products including bags and shirts.
  • Development of Digital Contents
    • - Producing digital contents related to Korea’s cultural archetypes
    • - Suggesting fashion related topics for the cultural contents industry (characters, animations, games).
  • Company Support
    • - Management of brand identities
    • - Cooperation between fashion industries and institutions
    • - Supporting business transactions (On/Offline), rationalization, informatization, P.R and marketing
  • Art Directing
    • - Exhibition planning, display planning, collection planning, coordination support
    • - Planning production of multimedia and advertising materials
  • Education and Seminar
    • - Joint education programs to enhance the quality of formal school education (courses including practical training, university-industry workforce exchange program).
    • - Hosting international symposiums, Strengthening international exchange
    • - Retraining program for workers in the design field
    • - Education programs for talents according to field (the Atelier/Fashion Illustration, Felt, Tailoring, certified fashion stylist leadership program, etc,)