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Quantum Metamaterials Research Center

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Institute of Molecular Life Science and Technology | Quantum Metamaterials Research Center


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Quantum Metamaterials Research Center was established to create quantum metamaterials, which are the core of next-generationquantum information technology based on quantum mechanics and nano technology—the two pillars of 21st century science and technology. The Center manufactures quantum metamaterials for phase control and transport control through the arrangement or joining of nano structures, measures and analyzes newly expressed quantum mechanical properties in an integrated manner through complex spectrum, and studies next-generation quantum meta devices by applying them.

In order to improve the structural weakness in high-tech industries, lead high-tech industries, and acquire a competitive edge, it is essential to develop advanced materials through the development of physics. Quantum metamaterials are a new group of materials that can actualize quantum information processing and quantum-based next-generation electronic devices—two of the most important topics of science and technology in the 21st century. Quantum metamaterials increase the coherence of quantum phases, improve the quantum entanglement in new nano structures, and provide a new control technique for the transporting of a small number of electrons. Quantum Metamaterials Research Center, which conducts basic scientific research on quantum metamaterials, will contribute to the realization of these new possibilities.

The Center will provide a new research paradigm of physics in relation to properties and will play the role of an international research hub for emerging studies on quantum metamaterials through joint efforts on basic research and application of the quantum mechanical properties of quantum metamaterials.