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Center for Catalysis and Synthesi

Institute of Molecular Life Science and Technology | Center for Catalysis and Synthesi


For the past several tens of years, organic metal chemistry and homogeneous catalysis have played an important role in domestic and international scientific circles. For easy rapid synthesis of organic molecules, the bond formation reaction using catalyst is essential, and many types of catalysis have been studied. In-depth understanding about the basic chemical transformations in catalysis, exploration of new reactivity, and the development of more effective catalysts must be continued in the future. Studies on catalysis will provide the foundation for basic science and technology in our strategic high-value-added industries for the 21st century, including new materials, pharmacy, environment, and energy.

Center for Catalysis and Synthesis was established in March 2009 as part of the World Class University(WCU) program to conduct basic and applied studies on various catalyses aroundolefin metathesis and related subjects, train world-class professional researchers, and play a key role in the development of national science and technology.