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Center for Intelligent Nano-Bio Materials(CINBM)

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Institute of Molecular Life Science and Technology | Center for Intelligent Nano-Bio Materials(CINBM)


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Biotechnology (BT), Nanotechnology (NT), and Information Technology (IT) are generally recognized as three main research areas in the 21st century science and technology. In particular, a BT-NT fusion provides a newly emerging research area, which will certainly become the determining factor of a nation's competitive edge in science and technology in the future. In 2005, the Center for Intelligent Nano-Bio Materials has been launched in order to meet key technological needs, train researchers, and help establish research infra-structure in this new and important research area. The Center is dedicated to securing platform technology and building infra- structure in the NT-BT fusion required to enhance national competitiveness in the Intelligent Nano-Bio Material Industry. For this purpose, it has set the specific research objectives as follows :

  • Designing and compounding new inorganic-organic hybrid materials for improved drug delivery to overcome the limitations of present drug carriers, achieving platform technologies to selectively transport new biodrugs of the future, and developing lead materials.
  • Combining organic-bio hybrid material technology and nanotechnology to achieve platform technologies and new systems for tracking bio-function information by way of molecular recognition, including fluorescent chemical sensing, hiral selective sensing.
  • Achieving the next-generation intelligent nano-bio hybrid material technology for application to biomolecular recognition using molecular/lattice engineering techniques and creating lead materials.
  • Publishing over 600 papers, including 180 distinguished SCI papers (IF 5.0 or above); creating more than 30 lead nano-bio materials; identifying over ten candidate materials for practical use.