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Center for Quantum Nanoscience

Severe Storm Research Center(SSRC)

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Quantum nanoscience is a novel research field at the intersection of quantum and nanoscience. Quantum science studies the quantum mechanical properties of matter, whereas molecular nanoscience, as we call it, focuses on materials at the atomic scale. Hence one focus of QNS is the investigation of the quantum behavior of atoms and molecules on surfaces. In this endeavor, we employ specialized tools that allow us to see and touch atoms and move them into desired atomic positions. This allows us to build engineered structures consisting of several atoms, which often have surprising and sometimes useful properties.
QNS focuses on a basic exploration of our world on the atomic scale with an eye towards harnessing these quantum behaviors for high-density data storage and quantum computation.

The long-term research and societal goals of our center include

- Achieving full control of the quantum states of atoms and molecules on clean surfaces and near interfaces. This will 

  enable the use of such systems as high-sensitivity quantum sensors.

- Developing a theoretical framework how quantum properties of atoms and molecules change from the gas phase to the 

  solid-state environment and how they interact with conduction electrons.

- Demonstrating the use of single atoms and molecules as quantum bits for quantum computation applications.

- Investigating and understand the transition from coherent quantum to more classical systems in the solid-state 


- Educating and mentor students, postdocs, and senior researchers and train them to become innovative researchers in

  their own right.

- Engaging the Korean public to become part of this exciting research frontier and enhance their enthusiasm for basic, 

  innovative scientific research.