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Information and Telecommunication Institute

Information and Telecommunication Institute

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Information and Telecommunication Institute


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The Ewha Information and Telecommunication Institute was established on March 2nd of 1998 and heads research in IT technology, policies, and strategies. It also seeks to create added value through university-industry cooperation and to nurture a professional IT workforce to lead the 21st century.
The institute constitutes of the Research Center taking up research on each professional field, the University-Industry Consortium Research Center which supports and promotes joint university-industry research, and the Information and Telecommunication Academy which trains professionals. The effective structure of the three centers brings a synergy effect to the university-research cooperation through research and education.
The Research Center has 5 different divisions of its own: the Ubiquitous Computing Research Center, the Digital Contents Research Center, the Bioinformatics Research Center, the Next Generation Telecommunication and Network Research Center, and the IT-SoC Research Center.

  • The Ubiquitous Computing Research Centertakes care of research and r&d on the information systems framework for the ubiquitous environment.
  • The Digital Contents Research Center pursues research and r&don the information system of digital contents.
  • The Bioinformatics Research Centercarries out research and r&d on the knowledge-based framework for the integrated management of bio data.
  • The Next Generation Telecommunication and Network Research Center conducts research and r&d on the various telecommunications and network technologies in the ubiquitous environment.
  • The IT-SoC Research Center is in charge of research and r&d of the low-power SoC (system-on-a-chip) for multimedia and communication use.

The University-Industry Consortium Research Center carries out and supports joint research on new technology with companies and domestic/foreign research centers.
The Information and Telecommunication Academy features the finest programs, facilities and faculty in IT. The objective is to foster a much needed IT workforce as Korea enters the digital knowledge-information society, and to provide lifelong education to professionals in the rapidly changing IT field.
The Information and Telecommunication Institute also hosts IT seminars and conducts international academic exchange to offer related information to IT professors and students.