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Embedded Software Research Center

Embedded Software Research Center

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Embedded Software Research Center


Asan Engineering Building #122


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Embedded Software Research Center was established in February 2009 to conduct basic and application studies on various areas of embedded software. In particular, the Center was established to be a hub in the area of embedded software, and, in support of this aim, the embedded software research team was chosen as a World Class University (WCU) project by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology in December 2008 and invited distinguished-professor Kang-Geun Shin, an internationally renowned scholar in this field from the University of Michigan. The Research Center is actively participating in research projects commissioned by the government and corporations to train excellent researchers and improve the quality of education in the areas of embedded software. The center conducts basic and applied studies. The three major areas of basic studies are system software, including multicore embedded software, battery and low power management technology, and embedded storage technology; system security, including network security, sensor network, home network, and ubiquitous computing; and communication network, including Internet, wireless communication network, high-speed communication network, QoS (Quality of Service), traffic engineering, transpose protocol, and mobility support protocol. For applied studies, the center studies techniques to apply the elementary technologies of the basic studies to electric power, communication, national defense, automobile control, and home electronics.