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The Cultural Contents Technology Laboratory (former Institute for NEW MEDIA Technology) of Ewha Women’s University researches the creative contents planning and creating by professionals and the general public in the next-generation World Wide Simulation (WWS) environment, which will replace the World Wide Web (WWW). The Cultural Contents Technology Laboratory is a combination of the Digital Storytelling Lab, led by Professor Cheol-Gyeun Ryu (who also heads the Cultural Contents Technology Laboratory), the Tangible & Mobile Media Lab, and the I & VA Lab. These laboratories represent the three areas of liberal arts, design, and engineering. The Cultural Contents Technology Laboratory has full capabilities for the development of next-generation digital storytelling technology that is being promoted by universities, industrial bodies, and the government. It is a research center for digital storytelling, which is a core technology that is tuned to the virtual world and the 3-D Web environment. This technology is rapidly growing and expanding in line with changing perceptions of the Web environment and the development of global computer-mediated communication network systems. The Cultural Contents Technology Laboratory has been promoting various projects related to digital storytelling since 2005. The Laboratory is studying virtual world creation technology, which will be the core technology in the coming age of next-generation 3-D Internet WWS. It is the only university lab that has been participating in virtual world development projects with global IT leaders such as KTF, SKT, IMB Global (Chicago), and Accenture (San Francisco). The Laboratory plans to pursue joint projects with Samsung Electronics and Sigong Media. In particular, the Laboratory will research and develop the creative technology of the Virtual World, which is a national future visionary project and a core Internet business of the next generation, in four areas: storytelling, service, UI design, and the development of implementation software.