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The Ewha Institute of History was founded by faculty and alumnae of the History Department in December 1963. It was established with a view to providing a foundation for history researchers to continue their studies while also contributing to the promotion of sound historical perspectives, not only in academia but in society as a whole, by offering a robust scholarly atmosphere, academic stimulus for historical research, and new research methods for historical theories.
A steering committee comprised of department faculty oversees theEwha Institute of History's activities and determines its research projects.

Its main activities are as follows:

First, it publishes annually the scholarly journal Ewha Historical Studies which contains historical research papers, discussions, book reviews, materials, etc.
Second, it publishes the Ewha Series of Historical Sources including Kyusa (葵史) and Koryo Tokyong (高麗圖經).
Third, it holds regular academic lectures on an annual basis for alumnae, current students, and professional historians, providing a forum to reflect on and discuss subjects of interest to the academic world and research results on general issues pertaining to the study of history. In particular, since 1997 it has promoted international academic exchanges by hosting several international conferences.

In addition to these projects and activities, in close cooperation with the Ewha History Department, the Ewha Institute of History has dedicated itself to contributing to development of the academic study of history and to its popularization on and off campus through exchanges of information and research outcomes with domestic and international academic associations.