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The Asian Center for Women's Studies (ACWS) was established in May 1995 to encourage research on women based on equal participation and cooperation and to create an Asian Women’s Studies based on the experiences of Asian women. ACWS hopes to contribute to mankind’s peace and the elevation of women's status not only in Asia but also the world. In 2015, AJWS entered into partnership with Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group (below as Rouledge), changed the publishing company to Routledge from Ewha Womans University Press.

In 1995, ACWS launched the Asian Journal of Women's Studies (AJWS), which was first published as an annual issue and later became a quarterly publication since 1997. An inter and multidisciplinary journal publishing articles pertaining to women’s issues from a feminist perspective, AJWS is covered by the Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI), Korea Citation Index (KCI), and Current Contents/Social & Behavioral Sciences. It is also indexed in Alternative Press Index, Feminist Periodicals, Gender Watch, Iowa Guide, Scopus, and EBSCO. For the advancement and diversified distribution of AJWS, ACWS signed an MOU with the National Assembly Library in 2011. To promote indigenous feminism and increase readership, AJWS have encouraged authors to translate their abstracts into languages other than English since 2013.

With Ewha’s vision to become a ‘Global Education Hub,’ the center has been organizing the Ewha Global Empowerment Program (EGEP) to nourish the next generation of women leaders twice a year (January and July) since 2012. The center also signed a Working Agreement with the UN Women to conduct the EGEP.

ACWS is always eager to empower and train young scholars. Since 2012, the center has been the lead organizer of the ‘Korea-ASEAN Cooperation Project on Education and Exchange Program for Young Scholars in Women’s Studies.’

Based on the network of Asian female scholars, ACWS promotes academic exchanges including international symposiums, workshops, and programs for nurturing future scholars. The "Women's Studies Curriculum Development," which started out in 1997, is a long-term international research project with eight participating Asian countries including Korea, Taiwan, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, and Thailand. The goal was to prompt the development of Women's Studies in Asia based on the development of Ewha’s Women's Studies and to exchange research results. In 2000, the center hosted workshops as part of the project, including ‘Women's Studies in Asia, 2000’ and ‘Young Feminist Scholars in Asia, 2000’, centered on the researchers of the eight countries. Recently, a translation of Asian women’s study research is in process. So is the publication of volumes regarding Asian women’s study and EGEP Book Series.

ACWS published the ‘Women's Studies in Asia Series Textbooks’ in 2005, which was a comprehensive collection of English teaching materials on the women’s studies of eight Asian countries. It also hosted the 9th Women’s Worlds 2005 where 3000 international female scholars, NGO staff, and policy makers discussed and shared the research and practice of Asian women’s studies. The center also took a key role to establish the Asian Association of Women’s Studies (AAWS) in 2007 and the AAWS Secretariat had been housed at the center until 2013. Additionally, ACWS hosts various networking programs including international symposiums, workshops, and scholars networking programs, to interchange and accumulate the feat of ‘Asian Women’s Study’ so far.